Film by: David Weber-Krebs
With: Tjebbe Roelofs

Production: Joggem Simons / Inexselsisvideo

Camera: Joost Rietdijk, David Weber-Krebs

Assistance: Arnaud Arseni

Sound: Tim Egmond, Linke Coordt
Thanks to: Arnoud Noordegraaf and the families Cassart, Max, Grosjean, Thonon, Gillet, de Volder & Lemaire

Performance: David Weber-Krebs
In collaboration with: Seppe Baeyens, Hans Bryssinck, Ugo Dehaes, Suze Milius, Natascha Pire and Mike Van Alfen
Artistic assistance: Anne Rooschüz

Costume supervision: Elke lahousse, Ellen de wolf
This performance of Among the multitude is a STUK production
The project was originally created in Amsterdam as a Frascati, Inexselsisvideo and Infinite Endings production
With the support of nfpk+, afk and clap! Liège.
With people from Leuven