Zagreb, Z. Ra. - 13/10/2006
Touch Me, Feel Me!

How to make two bodies, two different energies, two persons into one?

Israeli Keren Levi and Belgian Ugo Dehaes looked for choreographic answers to these and other questions in their performance 'Couple Like' presented within the Seventh Platform For Young Choreographers at the Gavella two days ago. Minimal in their stage setup, the duet is a simple and almost tender story about a couple's search for closeness and intimacy within the frame of given differences between two beings and two bodies. The Platform For Young Choreographers takes place until Sunday with presentations of projects by choreographers from the PYC's partner countries as well as with the proclamation of the most prospective young Croatian choreographer.

/text under the image:/ 'Couple Like' had its premiere in Zagreb two days ago.