La Provence - 10/07/2015
DMNT (***)
Moved deeply by dementia, Ugo Dehaes, a young Flemish choreographer already firmly on the radar, has devoted his latest creation to this disorder. Two women dancers share with him the circular stage that lends itself so well to this act of roaming: doesn’t ‘going round in circles’ mean going nowhere? At first animated, the dancers whirl around, their arms and legs spinning freely. Gradually their circle tightens, their movements slow down. Their bodies sometimes break or come to a standstill. Bump into one another. Gestures become incoherent or compulsive. Bodies sway, close to falling. Fear seeps through, bringing the dancers closer together. Barely touching, the dancers wind themselves around one another, before locking themselves in their own arms – a sight of heartbreaking beauty. Soon night descends on the stage and so does immobility: lost, the dancers stop, then slowly slide onto the floor. Still standing, the last woman dancer, making distorted gestures, attempts to fly off or to swim. In vain. And the despair we see in their gaze is poignant.
- Danièle Carraz