All in all DMNT is a moving performance and offers an insight into Dehaes’ personal story, with what are probably taboo-busting values.
12/01/2016 - Dansmagazine

'We move like neurons that are communicating.'
11/11/2015 - Interview Knack

Captivating to see how dementia leads to total solitude, how the dance trio knows to show the disconcerting
31/01/2016 - Theaterkrant Review

Preview in De Standaard
07/11/2015 - De Standaard Preview

"But DMNT sticks close to a recognisable pathology and that means one can imagine oneself with dementia. This is precisely why DMNT should be shown not only in theatres, but also to people who are engaged in this struggle. This sort of recognition could be a great comfort to those who live in such isolation."
16/11/2015 - De Standaard Review

De uitvoering is ingetogen en consciëntieus en vooral de slow motion-momenten zijn prachtig. Daardoor lukt het dit trio een michaamstaal te introduceren die raakt en waar je langzaam aan went, ook al is die voor de meeste toeschouwers volkomen vreemd.
16/02/2016 - Het Parool

"It is as if Dehaes had created a carousel of danced portraits of the brain in which the dancers become increasingly entwined with one another and ultimately move apart again."
18/11/2015 - Knack Review

"Barely touching, the dancers wrap themselves into each other, only to shut themselves into their own arms, and that is of a staggering beauty. And the despair in their eyes turned towards us is stirring."
10/07/2015 - La Provence