"This kind of 'schöne Spielerei' regularly reappears in the production Forces by the choreographer and dancer Ugo Dehaes. It is intriguingly charming to watch. A highly enjoyable black-box production packed with ingenuity in the dance, as well as visually and technically."
03/01/2009 - www.theatermaggezien.net

"This does not detract from the fact that Forces is unusual in its generosity. Just as in Rozenblad, the solo that Dehaes created for Laika in 2004 and to which his latest choreography is related, he succeeds in putting a fresh stamp on empty abstractions. He unfailingly arrives at choreographies that are crystal-clear, playful and poetic."
19/12/2008 - De Standaard

"You don’t have to understand the allusion to natural forces to enjoy these experiments in movement. They are often based on a series of simple steps, on swinging the arms or curving the torso. But these only serve to heighten the audience’s enjoyment."
18/12/2008 - De Morgen

Interview in Veto
15/12/2008 - VETO

Announcement in Metro
12/12/2008 - METRO

Interview in Uit in Leuven
20/08/2008 - Uit In Leuven