"The group's togetherness is emphasized by the breaths of the dancers. Without music, it's the only rhythm we can hear. And it's almost hypnotizing the audience."
27/05/2014 - Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten

Schnell, konzentriert und nackt
Man merkt es sofort, wenn man das diesjährige Programmheft in die Hand nimmt: Kaum bekannte, lauter neue Gesichter! Nur die Companie von Lia Rodrigues aus Rio de Janeiro war bereits vor vier Jahren mit ihrer großartigen „Welle“ in Potsdam zu Gast. In diesem Jahr wird die Choreografin, die in Brasilien in einer Favela in Rio Pionierarbeit leistet, die Zuschauer in der Schinkelhalle hautnah am letzten Teil ihrer Trilogie – „Pindorama“ – teilhaben lassen.
13/05/2014 - Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten

Girls & Victor
  Lapsi on poliittinen viesti Lapset näyttäytyvät usein silmiinpistävän poliittisina esityksissä, jotka on tehty aikuisille. Lapset ovat toisia, toisesta maailmasta ja valosta kuin me. Samalla kun aikuiset yrittävät antaa lapsille mahdollisuuden näyttää, keitä he ovat, aikuiset usein tahattomastikin määrittelevät heitä.   Zodiakin Sivuaskel-festivaalilla nähtiin kaksi aikuisten esitystä, joissa lapset olivat pääosassa. Paljon lasten kanssa työ
07/02/2014 - Teatteri & Tanssi + Sirkus

"In the expression of the girls there is genuine indulgence and easygoingness towards movement. As performers they still seem quite professional."
06/02/2014 - Helsingin Sanomat

"This time, Dehaes is working with eight young girls. He's looking into the moment the dancing germ contaminates their young bodies."
30/04/2013 - De Morgen

"Mostly, the girls look all natural and professionally focused on their breathing and steps. And on each other, being a solid unity. Girls is a wonderful portrait of the friendship between girls."
25/04/2013 - NRC Handelsblad

"I think there should be more recycling in the world of dance. I don't see the problem with that. GIRLS is roughly the same performance as WOMEN, but danced by girls. Why shouldn't you let your own creations come to life again? Certainly when you think it could even get better than before."
01/04/2013 - Dans Magazine

"As much as they're trying to shout each other down while eating, as disciplined do they transform into an organic, focused, collective body an hour later. That's what choreographer Ugo Dehaes does to this whole lot of giggling GIRLS: he's creating an ensemble of individuals."
21/02/2013 - De Morgen

"The eight girls carry the choreography and each other perfectly."
21/02/2013 - De Morgen

"Following on from Women, which was selected for the 2011 Theatre Festival, GIRLS (Fabuleus) is a remarkable piece of dance performed by (and not only for) young people that at once raises the bar by a few kilometres. The audacious step of letting young girls dance this incredibly demanding choreography, which renders them taut with concentration as they absolutely dance their socks off, delivers rock-solid dance on a bare stage."
19/02/2013 - KNACK

"GIRLS is an incredibly beautiful experience. The best thing of all is that these inexperienced teenagers manage to succeed where young adult professionals sometimes fall down: on stage, instead of being self-obsessed, they are immersed in the story they want to tell us. And that story is disarmingly beautiful."
18/02/2013 - De Standaard

"GIRLS is a sure-fire hit. With movements that are a detailed symbiosis of breathing and timing, these young girls keep you transfixed for an entire hour. Isn't that wonderful?!"
18/02/2013 - Theaterkrant

"GIRLS is a trip through different moods, which all want to project another emotion to the audience."
14/02/2013 - Knack Focus

Announcement in De Streekkrant.
13/02/2013 - De Streekkrant

"With Girls, Dehaes creates the ultimate counterpart of WOMEN. This time, eight young girls between 10 and 14 years old are stealing the show."
13/02/2013 - Rondom Leuven

"After having created WOMEN, Ugo Dehaes wanted more. So he created the perfect prequel of this pure and warmly welcomed dance performance. GIRLS will premiere on February 15 at OPEK and is promising to be wonderfully beautiful."
01/02/2013 - Uit In Leuven

"A performance about passion and our heart beat and about the vulnerability every beginning starts with."
05/01/2013 - De Standaard

"Past year, Ugo Dehaes created WOMEN, a dance performance with eight women older than 30. Now he's working on the prequel GIRLS, the same piece performed by eight girls between 9 and 14 years old."
14/11/2012 - cobra.be

"The vivacity, energy and passion inside these girls are giving this choreography a unique touch. We discover new personalities in all their beauty and vulnerability."
29/09/2015 - Nouvelles De Danse