Ugo Dehaes is movement advisor for this performance by Leslie Maerschalk
Floating Mind is a musing about the perishableness and unpredictability of things: birth, life, death, origin and disappearance. Its origin lies in line with a research I did of structures bloated with helium. They appear as fast as spirits... I'm searching for a way to share a visual and sensitive experience with the public. I move a plastic installation, which in return influences the way I dance. I appear and disappear. I move, I am moving and I am moved. One part's under my control, one part's based on improvisation. Floating Mind is an accessible dreaming piece; everyone may have another dream.

This piece is supported by fragments of scientific conferences, mixed with concrete sounds, which in their turn fuse with the music. Neurosciences and astrophysics feed my dream as they talk in their own language about this double quality of life: power and precariousness. Looking further than itself and looking inside itself. Stars rise and perish, the universe expands and will soon be gone. The cells in our brain are connected in unbelievably infinite ways and yet, one day, they'll die.
"Le visible ne suffit pas pour comprendre ce qui est vu […].

Le visible ne s’interprète qu’en référant à l’invisible."
Pascal Quignard. Sur le jadis.