Brussels based choreographer Ugo Dehaes works with about 150 first-year students of KAE on dance during their project-week. The result is shown during the EtterbeekDag somewhere in the city.

2015: Ugo works on the notion of garbage and got inspired by the tradition of chinese dragons. Assisted by Sofie Saller he worked in the school with smaller groups, to present the final 'dragon' on the Etterbeekdag on the Koning Overwinneraarsplein.

2016: The theme of this years project-week is Protest. Through improvisation-tasks, the youngsters learn how to translate their vision on protest into movement. Next to that thevy also work on some choreographic pronciples that Ugo used earlier in his work: Contact Improvisation leads them to Human Chains and Lock-Ins, Dense Crowds lead to images of manifestations and the notiuon of Anti Solo shows us our impotence in many cases of protest.