In this workshop, Brussels-based choreographer Ugo Dehaes works around different choreographic principles he used to create dance-performances with professionals, children and amateurs throughout the past 15 years of his career.
We explore different styles, from dance inspired by images and memories over contact(-improvisation) to dance based on the respiration of the performer.
After some initial exercises around the principles, the participants are invited to experiment with these ideas and come up with their own choreographic variations.
Throughout the workshop, the participants learn how Ugo works to create dance, how simple ideas can lead to complex dance, how inspiration evolves into movement and how meaning appears through physicality.
Ugo Dehaes studied dance and choreography at PARTS in Brussels and started his career as a dancer with Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods. In 2000 he co-founded the company kwaad bloed (bad blood) and started to create his own work. He works with and for both adults and children, and his work is shown all over Europe. Since 2015 the company is structurally supported by the Flemish Government.