WILLY is a robot who loves to play. He manipulates plush dolls and makes them dance.
As long as he himself makes other dolls move he stays in the background without being very conspicuous, but occasionally he wants to be the doll himself. Then he crawls around and lets the children pet or manipulate him.

WILLY is a performance for toddlers and is primarily shown in nurseries, but can also be shown at festivals. Target audience is 1 to 3 years old.

The performance is made in collaboration with De Spiegel and cc 't Gasthuis in Aarschot. WILLY is part of the Prêt-A-Porter project, in which 6 artists develop a performance that fits in a courier bag.

The performance lasts about 30 minutes and is followed by an interactive moment where the children can play with the material from the performance. WILLY can be presented alone or in combination with another performance from the Prêt-A-Porter project.