Tactile Dialogues is conceived to investigate the crossing points between interface design, somatic practices and theater. The focus of the laboratory will lie on haptics, hands and the sense of touch. How theatrical is our relationship to machines and what are the possibilities of the body or the theater when considered as an interface?

Participation will be open to a small group of artists, researchers or professionals from interface design and performing arts fields. The 4-day-Lab will take the form of a blind date. Each day the participants will be assigned to each other in groups of twos or threes, having a whole day to exchange and to discover commonalities and differences, and if plausible, to go further in actualising some of the emerging ideas as prototypes. At the end of each day, each group is invited to share something with the bigger group. The format of the sharing can be very open, ranging from a verbal summary of the exchange, to practical tryouts. 

The aim is to convene again in 2024, and present the outcomes at DeSingel in the 2024/25 season.