Who support who? That's the big question in the dynamic duet Couple-like #2. To hold on or to let go, to support or to drop; two young dancers enter this intimate battle with each other. Is this an embrace full of love, or a never ending, exhausting struggle? The two keep on trying to meet each other, but their physical togetherness leads literally to constriction. 
Choreographers Ugo Dehaes and Keren Levi made Couple-Like in 2006, after they bumped into each other and became interested in each other's work. The show was a hit and traveled both in the Netherlands as abroad through many venues and festivals. In 2010 Het Lab Utrecht and Theatergroep DOX asked Dehaes and Levi for a new version of this piece for a young audience. The result is an intimate performance by two professional dancers from the ranks of DOX.