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kwaad bloed

kwaad bloed [bad blood] is the organisational structure centred around choreographer Ugo Dehaes. He is fascinated by the human body and the person who inhabits that body.

In his work Ugo always uses his personal experience as a member of the audience. His aim is to induce the audience to give free rein to its imagination and to marvel at what it is seeing. That is why we speak of radical accessible performances: they originate from one clear, core idea yet they are deliberately kept sober. Ugo is a master craftsman and believes in the power and appeal to the audience of a body pushing itself to the limits. kwaad bloed chooses to work for longer running periods, building repertory and making optimal use of its resources.

Ugo has picked up the gauntlet to develop greater public support for dance and raise awareness of his own artistic story internationally.


Ugo Dehaes

Ugo Dehaes [°1977, Leuven] started to dance at the age of 18. During a year he took ballet classes, followed contemporary dance with teachers like David Hernandez, Benoît Lachambre and Saburro Teshigawara and he followed a half-time theater education at De Kleine Academie. After that year he started his full-time dance education at P.A.R.T.S., the international school for dancers en choreographers directed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

In 1998 Ugo started to work as a dancer for Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods. During three years he collaborated on the pieces appetite and Highway 101. In 2000 he founded the structure kwaad bloed together with Charlotte Vanden Eynde. The same year they create together lijfstof, a show about the body as material, that would tour internationally.

From that moment onwards Ugo creates every second year a full evening production: ROEST (2002), about the decay of the human body, Rozenblad (2004), a dance perfomrance for kids about the growing and flowering of plants, in collaboration with Laika, Couple-like (2006), a very physical show about the relation between two people, in collaboration with Keren Levi (Israel/Amsterdam), FORCES (2008), a bigger visual production in collaboration with Roeland Luyten and Arne Lievens, based on the universal forces that keep our world together, Couple-like#2, a youngster-version of Couple-like in collaboration with Dox and Het Lab, Utrecht,  WOMEN (2011), a piece for 8 women in their 30's, 40's and 50's, GIRLS (2013), the prequel of WOMEN for girls of 10-14 years old in collaboration with fABULEUS, Grafted (2013), a big show for 4 couples, DMNT (2015), in which he translates dementia to the stage and RATS (2017), a performance for six young dancers and one female contemporary dancer in collaboration with fABULEUS.

In the mean while Ugo was also active as a dancers for other choreographers amongst which Sachiyo Takahashi, Emil Hrvatin, Arco Renz, Gisèle Vienne & Etienne Bideau-Rey, Kataline Patkaï, Nada Gambier, Heine R. Avdal,... and as a performer and actor in numerous short movies, little performances and theater plays.